More awesome Sogdian names!


I found this comic while doing an image search for “names” and I thought it was pretty fantastic. Here’s the site I got it from.

One of the first things I posted about was how Sogdian names are really great because they’re so cool and unusual to our modern ears. I found some more that I wanted to share with you!

Ready? Here goes:

Tarxun (this guy was the king of Samarkand in the 6th century), Wanxanak, Nawekat, Wiyus, Uxushukan, Bharxuman, Skatch, Sheshch (yeah, try pronouncing that one…), Chaxren, Ramch, Shaw, Maxak, Ramtish, Axushfarn, Bhurz, Chukshak.


#2: There are some I don’t even know how to transcribe yet because they have unusual symbols (something I’m trying to rectify…).

#3: Unfortunately, because most of the things that were written involve “important” people, I’m finding way, way more male names than female ones–that entire lineup is full of male names.¬†

The good news is that I HAVE THIS ENTIRE BOOK about Sogdian personal names that I still need to really dive into.

So, yeah, I think I need to name a character Sheshch now, just on principle.

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