TBT #3: Super quick primer on the differences between Sogdian and Chinese clothing

Hi everyone,

It’s time for the third TBT of this Kickstarter, so I thought I’d put together some super quick comparison drawings of mine with some commentary on what the very basic differences are between contemporary Sogdian and Chinese clothing*. Both figure heavily in AVtP, so I had to study them both!

First, the men:

mens_fashion1-lowres mens_fashion_chinese2

And the women:

sogd-women-clothes womens_fashion_chinese1

Please keep in mind that this does *not* put into consideration when Chinese were trying to dress more “Western” and vice-versa. (Totally fashionable at the time to do so, by the way.)

Hope this helps the next time you need to identify a 7th-century fellow 🙂

*DISCLAIMER: These are very general differences in “typical” clothing.

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